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TX-NR555 voice distortion with 2 channel sound

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When I watch YouTube videos, I get sometimes distortion of voices. Sound like they are overamplified.

Those videos are not 5.1 Dolby Digital, they are only 2 channels. And I don't think they are Dolby Surround encoded.

But I have the receiver normally in mode "Dolby Surround" for watching YouTube, because some videos are Dolby Surround encoded.

I can hear the distortion in modes "Dolby Surround", "DTS Neural:X" and "TV Logic". The DTS variant is slightly better than the other 2.

In modes "Direct", "Mono", "AllCh Stereo", "Full Mono" I can not hear the distortion.

I am coming from an Onkyo 507 and this one does not show the problem. Since I still have that one, I have checked back and forth with the same input source and speakers.

This is a sample video that shows the problem:
The voice of the man is not always sounding clear on the 555.

I am on the latest firmware already. The problem does not exist with real digital 5.1 sound.

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Hi sidamos,

i think thats an problem with the youtube videos. If you watch an BlueRay or DVD did you have the distortion too?

Otherwise if you dont make an factory reset after the Firmware Update do it now. And test it again after that.

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