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HDMI audio repaired - issue returned after Audessy test.

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Hello, thought someone here might find this interesting!

So, I returned my receiver that had the HDMI audio problem to LetMeRepair, the unit came back and was working just fine.

Few oddities I noticed: HDMI startup had never really shown for more than 2 seconds before now it was lasting more like 30 seconds BUT, audio all ok, can't complain.

A week later I have decided to run the Audessy Test using the included mic since settings were gone, test completed fine.
Unplugged mic, NO HDMI AUDIO!!!!


Checked all the settings to make sure it didn't change them anywhere, unplugged cables, turned on and off 4 different sources but the problem is back :( It reports under audio info 'HDMI x, unknown' (x being the hdmi connection 1-4)
Called Onkyo as their webpage says the system was repaired for this already and they have kindly arranged pickup on the same day, today. So I can't fault Onkyo and I don't think I can fault LetMeRepair.

For what its worth, I called them too to explain whats happened and they were polite and understanding and asked me to include the mic in the box so they can test it too after repairing since it did happen after the Audessy Test.

Can a 3.5mm mic plug somehow corrupt a HDMI board or chip?? I have no clue.

I am upset, but relieved Onkyo support is honest and upfront with these things.

Fingers crossed it works, I know the first thing ill do when its back it run the Audessy test to make sure to doesn't screw up things again lol.
You get all the cables set up so pretty and tidy and then you gotta rip them all out again :))))

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Hello Hessing,

I am so angry! I corresponded with costumer care, they didn't extended the warranty of my receiver. so I'll have to have it repaired on my own cost! the costs are so high! I'll better buy a new one, but not an Onkyo.