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RANDOM function that plays all sub-folders

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I've just bought a Network receiver HT-RC660, with all sort of modern functions (DLNA, Spotify, 4K, ...), but no Random play !

I tried play some songs in different folders, but the random function only plays songs from the same folder (same album).
I've found a post on internet where people was complaining about this problem ... in 2013 already.

Any players these days can play random files in different folders.
Maybe is it possible to add this on a future firmware (for HT-RC600 and maybe all other models ?).

If, by example, we have a main folder named Music, and sub-folders named Rock, Pop, Dance, ... with others su-folders with different albums. The random should play all files in "Music" when we push Play when Music is selected, or all files from "Rock" when we push Play with Rock selected.

I hope this is clear, sorry for my bad English ;)

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Hi Braincooler,

thank you for your suggestion. I'll forward it to our product planning. If I get response, I'll post it here.
Kind regards
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I'm surprised that anybody ask about that. I'm sure lots of people would like that random/shuffle function to work properly.

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still no answer ? great support onkyo :D