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TX-NR646 to be fixed of channel bleed in dolby atmos

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I have tried to get this through to support and it is like talking to a brick wall with each iteration needing to create a new ticket (who seriously thought that would win over customers.

So the fault:

Amp: Onkyo TX-NR646
Configuration: 5.1.2
Fault: Channel bleed in rear speakers to the front i.e. when rear left speaker is the speaker having its test tone running, the front left will also be on.
File to test: ... _5_1_2.mp4 (i used my PC) and i've also tried the official Dolby atmos demo disc for September 2016 on my PS4

The output is correctly showing Dolby Atmos and the blue light on the receiver is on too.

My failure to get a proper response from alll the channels i've tried (email and social media) brings me here.

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Hi omega_prime,

please test it with your PS4 and make the Audio Output settings by your Playstation to Bitstream.
And test it again. Its important that the setting is switch to bitstream. Controll then on the input from the AV Receiver. Press the Q Button in the Remote and go to the Audio Information. There you will see wich Audio format will be on the Input and Output. As Input you must have Dolby Atmos too.
If this issue will stay, then you must bring your AV Receiver to an support center, that he can be checked.
You'll find an address list of Onkyo Authorized Service Center here: ... s-378.html

Please get in contact and make an appointment for the device to be checked.

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