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LS-T10 - How do I disable auto volume leveling?

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I recently purchased an Onkyo LS-T10 and I'm pretty satisfied for its Bluetooth capabilities. However I rarely enjoy line-in audio as it has auto volume leveling (volume goes lower when there are silences and goes back up with a slight delay when there's louder sound again). It also makes quiet movies and music inaudible, and irritating.

Is there a way to turn it off?


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After testing samples of TV and soundtracks, it seems it is more random, so probably not auto volume leveling. It sounds more like an issue than an unwanted feature. I still don't have an explanation, and would like one from support.

I don't own a TV, so my testing involved two different sources (computer, streaming a TV channel from VLC) and a handheld console, both from their headphones output which is stereo for both.

Since the forum doesn't allow large attachments, I uploaded them here:
Onkyo LS-T10 Leveling testing

For the computer, I managed to get almost no sound level drop by increasing the VLC volume to 150% and above and soundbar level to below 25. For the console, same thing except I can't go above 100%, just decreased the soundbar to below 25.

Which makes me think that the cause is the soundbar and that happens at high levels (20-25 and above).

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Hi yapuka,

thank you for contacting the Onkyo support. My apologies that you are having issues with your LS-T10. We need to check the unit in one of our service center. During the 24 month warranty period we recommend you to contact with your dealer for kindly help.

It's also possible to bring the unit to a service partner next to you. You can find an address list of Service Center here: ... s-378.html

Please get in contact and make an appointment for the device to be checked.
Kind regards
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Thanks, I'll do that and will keep you updated.

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It's been a few months I have a new unit and waited that much time to test it naturally along the time. The repair centre received a wrong part from Onkyo in order to fix it, so my grey sound bar was replaced by a black sound bar. Anyway, this is not much important.

The problem persists but much less, right now on a classical piece of music. As soon as there are less instruments playing, the few remaining violins are lowered. I think I'll just avoid the trouble of returning it to the repair centre again and will just avoid Onkyo products in the future.

Edit: And I didn't mention the cracking noises of the casing as soon as the bar is being used for more than 20 minutes...

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Furthermore, Bluetooth stopped working.

Definitely not a good sound bar. Disappointed. Wasted money.

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