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LS7200 ARC Problem

Post Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:28 am

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After last upgrade on LS7200 i ahve big problem with ARC form my Sony 4k TV. ex. If playing a movie on one app on TV and make an puase, when resuming the film no sound, If I swich input to some HDMI and then back to ARC/TV sound it works fine.

IT all the apps in TV, error not specefic to one app. Spotify/Netflix/Viaplay/C More etc...

Any ide waht I can do?


Post Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:59 am

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Hi askthomas,

please make an factory reset. That will find you in the Setup menu under Miscellaneous --> Load Defaults. Make the Setup then again. Then make these following steps:

1. Switch Off the CEC / ARC function in the TV
2. Turn Off the HDMI CEC in AV Receiver
3. Disconnect the devices from the power
4. Unplug HDMI cable (Unplug all HDMI devices from TV and the receiver)
5. Plug the TV and plug in HDMI cable only between TV and receiver
6. Switch On TV and enable CEC/ARC and switch to television mode.
7. Plug in and switch On the AV Receiver
8. Open the Setup menu and navigate to HDMI CEC and switch it on (use the receiver display, keep the TV in television mode)
9. Once you switch on HDMI CEC leave the menu with the Return button

That will help.

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