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Dear Onkyo support,

I am trying to understand whether I could connect an external BOSE Sound Bar (SOLO 5) to my Onkyo system (TX-SR601E) - Would you be so kind me whether this is an option and in case it is, to clearly explain me which output of the Onkyo system (TX-SR601E) I should be connecting my Bose (SOLO 5) to ? I have tried connecting my AUX port of the Bose SOLO 5 with a 3.5 mm jack to the ZONE 2 White and Red Line Out terminals on the back of the Onkyo system (TX-SR601E) but it doesn't apparently work.

In case the connection is wrong, could you possibly explain me how I should be connecting it ?
In case the connection is right, would you possibly explain why I am unable to hear it ? Is there anything I need to change in its hardware configuration as well ?

Looking forward to your feedback

thanks and regards

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