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P-3030 pot replacement

Post Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:49 pm

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I'm still using my P-3030 and M-5030.
Great sound!

But over time the pots are degrading on the P-3030. (I cleaned them, and it is a little better.)
Tried to find out if there are replacement pots available somewhere. Didn't find anything.
Especially both volume and balance are crackling. Balance loses its left channel foremost. Volume gives a crackling sound when turned.
I looked up in the manual to get the specs, but didn't find anything but the coded part.

For both amps the power buttons are losing their paint. Don't know if I can find them anywhere...

So I would love it if you people could help me out.
Even when there is no stock available, at least the pot specs could be helpful to find replacements, possibly with Alps.

Thanx in advance.

Kind regards,

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