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TX-SR343 speakers don't work on some settings.

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My girlfriends amplifier TX-SR343 seems to have a weird problem. According to her this has not always been so:

She has 5 speakers plus subwoofer connected to the back like so:

Now on the device are different sound settings: Direct, Stereo, PL Music, Neo: 6 music, Orchestra, unplugged, studio-mix, full mono, etc.

Here is the problem: In all these settings EXCEPT for full mono, only the front right speakers gives sound. Now obviously this seems to be a speaker problem were it not for the fact that when put in the "full mono" setting, all 5 speakers + woofer give sound, telling me the speakers are not broken and connections still working.

On all other settings though, no sound except from the front right speakers.

Any idea what this could be?

Thank you!

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Hi Daeronb,

please disconnect the speakers from the Unit right now.
If you have really the speakers connected with the unit, like the photo, there you can be glad if the receiver is not broken or something else.

Never seen this before sorry. Have Print it out. As an example. They have connections to the cover, you see the blank copper. The skinning is too long, really too long.

Connect the speakers correctly, then all will work fine. And please controll the connection at the speakers too.

With best regards
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