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a-9010 | | volume only changes when switching channels

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dear reader,

This is my first HiFi setup and I am testing my new a-9010 amp with headphones. These are the parameters: record player with phono preamp connected to line-in with standard red/white audio pin cable, with headphones connected to the headphones port. The volume control is not working. Only when I change the volume, and then change the input to another line and switch back again to the line my input is connected to, the volume changes. I still have some time to wait before my speakers arrive, and I was wondering whether this is normal with headphones, or if it is a defect that will also occur when I will eventually be able to connect speakers to my setup.

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


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hey bro,
even i'm facing same issue!
I took help from Kundli Guru Astrology in Hindi. i think so it will help you in this matter :D

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