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Remote3 - TuneIn Radio - search function

Post Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:25 pm

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There are two search functions in the TuneIn Radio of the Remote 3 App. Both are kind of hidden and should be more visible. Why are there two different ones labeled the same way "Search"?

The first search function is only for the displayed list and shows at the top of the list, only once I swipe down. Why is it hidden?

The second search function is only available in the first menu list of TuneIn Radio, but out of view at the bottom of the list just before the Login item. This searches the whole TuneIn database and is very useful because it finds anything typed if it exists in the database. Would it be possivble to put that at the top of the list as (at least I think) it is the most powerful feature and the fastest way to search for stations.

Now an example for how to search a station. Using the second search for "blues" finds a lot of results and to fine tune the results one has to use the swipe down to get to the first, hidden search field at the top of the result list. Searching in this field for "louis" for example will find a subset of all blues stations like louisiana, st. louis, etc. This works like a charm but this process is not intuitive and straight forward userfriendly.

Over all it is confusing why there are two different search functions. Other names could be Find or Filter. But if there was only one such function that would be more user friendly. Maybe someone else has a better idea on this, please post if you do.

Thanks for the product, the support and your consideration,

PS. I use the Remote3 app on an iPad and with a TX-8150. And I choose to write "Remote3" without a space because it is easier to search in the forum.

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