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App was working 2 days ago, now can't find receiver


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I downloaded and installed the Onkyo remote app for Android a couple of days ago, and used it to play mp3's from my DLNA server (Universal Media Server running on a Windows machine). Today I fired up the app again, but it could not detect the receiver - a TX-NR515. The receiver is powered on (but is also configured for network standby, and I was able to power it on using the remote app a couple of days ago).

I tried rebooting the phone but it didn't help. I then uninstalled and re-installed the app. Now it doesn't even attempt to find the receiver when I launch the app - I just see the "Select Device" screen with nothing in the middle.

The phone is on the same network as the receiver, and I have verified that the receiver is connected to the network by browsing my DLNA server using the Onkyo remote and the TV screen.

I'm running v2.0.0.150728.406 of the app on a Galaxy S4 (Android 5.0.1).

Any ideas??

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Hi itm,

This workaround may also help you out:
- Delete the Onkyo Remote App
- Switch the smartphone off
- Switch off the internet router (unplug it from power)
- Reset the receiver with

Holding down CBL / SAT button on the unit while pressing ON / STANDBY on the unit. "Clear" will appear on the display and the unit returns to the standby mode.

- Turn on the router
- Turn on the smartphone
- Wait until your network is ready
- Reinstall the Onkyo Remote App
Kind regards
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