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CRN-755: Spotify Connect

Post Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:53 am

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I have bought the Onkyo CRN-755 especially because it has onboard Spotify.

Using the Onkyo Remote Control 3 app for using Spotify on the CRN-755 is a disaster.
Performing a Spotify search with Onkyo Remote Control took minutes when the same search took one second with the Spotify app.
Now the Spotify search within Onkyo Remote Control keeps on running and does not display any result. Also a factory reset of the CRN-755 which solved the problem (temporarily) previously, cannot solve this problem anymore.

When I want to run a Spotify playlist using the Onkyo Remote Control, almost all the tracks are “unavailable”. Again, playing the same playlist using the Spotify app works flawless.

The best solution for my problem would be Spotify Connect. Will there be a firmware be available for the CRN-755 which enables Spotify Connect?

Post Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:50 pm

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I've received a "solution" from Onkyo support:


Spotify connect is not yet available for this device.We don't know when or if an update for this feature will be made available."

=> Since the new CR-N765 has now Spotify Connect, Iit seems that the CRN-755 is not supported by Onkyo anymore and I can't expect any new firmware. Unfortunate for the current CRN-755 owners. I'm not used to buy a new hifi-system every 3 years.

I still hope that I can use as a workaround the Onkyo Remote app to use Spotify on my Onkyo. But then the current Spotify problems with the app (searches keep on hanging, tracks not available in playlist, slow response time, ... ) should be solved.

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