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Surround setup ideas (TX-SR578)

Post Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:49 am

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I have 2 sets of Mordaunt-Short speakers. One is a heavy-weight set of full-range speakers, the other is a 5.1 set of smaller speakers.

They do not combine very well. I do not like the sound when they are together. I have only 3 of those full range speakers, plus a subwoofer somewhere else.

For a game I am playing I need surround sound. Or at least, that would be helpful.

But my Onkyo TX-SR578 does not allow 2 front speakers with 1 surround back speaker. To enable the primary surround speakers, I need to have the centre speaker also. So a "quadruple" setup is also not possible (2 front and 2 back). I can disable the centre speaker in Windows, but I do not know what that will do to the game; will Windows transfer the centre speaker sound to the 2 fronts speakers? I have to find out.

It seems I don't miss the centre. So then Windows would take the task of disabling the centre, when the Onkyo can't.

The Onkyo does have a feature for a single surround back, but the surround back will ostensibly not work unless the normal surrounds are also connected. Windows can disable the normal surrounds. I'm just not too confident in how it will spread the sound over the remaining speakers, and I don't know any good way to test it, but I guess it would work. My experience indicates that I sometimes miss a lot of sound. But I would have to test this properly, and I can't really.

What is your suggestion here if you had any? I just disabled the centre (which was a small one) and I already like the sound better now. I really just wanted a 3.0 setup with 1 back speaker but this never worked out until now. The back is also not precisely behind me. I *can* have 2 smaller surround backs, to get a 4.0 setup. Then I would have 2 large fronts, and 2 small backs. The game probably generates a 7.1 sound as if there are 2 side speakers but in that case the side sound would probably go fully over the back speaker(s). It seems I have to use this Windows sh!t instead of the Onkyo feature because the Onkyo doesn't allow the centre to be turned off. Ie. if I turn the centre off I have no more surround options.


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