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TX-NR656 CEC not working anymore

Post Sat May 27, 2017 7:30 am

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I have the following setup, Onkyo TX-NR656 connected to Philips TV (HDMI OUT) and i have a Nvidia Shield and Xbox One as HDMI INPUT sources.

When turning on the Nvidia Shield, in the recent past the onkyo would flip on aswell as my tv (same for the xbox) so this was all working fine. However i had alot of HDMI issues (My TV would report HDMI cable broken or no signal, etc). I got this fixed because i read somewhere on the onkyo forum to use HDMI cables with 18gbit/s throughput. So i did that and the issues seems gone (yay!). I also updated my Onkyo with the latest available firmware.

Ever since those two changes the CEC from my Nvidia Shield is not working anymore. I made no changes to the Nvidia shield. The settings in my Onkyo look good (CEC enabled on HDMI).

Any tips how i can get this working again?

Post Wed May 31, 2017 12:15 pm

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Hi rizzah,

did you make an factory reset after installing the firmware update? If not, please do it.

Then it will work again.

In case it will not, make the following steps:

1. Switch Off the CEC / ARC function in the TV, Nvidia Shield and your XBox
2. Turn Off the HDMI CEC in AV Receiver
3. Disconnect the devices from the power
4. Unplug HDMI cable (Unplug all HDMI devices from TV and the receiver)
5. Plug the TV and plug in HDMI cable only between TV and receiver
6. Switch On TV and enable CEC/ARC and switch to television mode.
7. Plug in and switch On the AV Receiver
8. Open the Setup menu and navigate to HDMI CEC and switch it on (use the receiver display, keep the TV in television mode)
9. Once you switch on HDMI CEC leave the menu with the Return button

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