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TX-DS777 remains in stand-by

Post Tue May 02, 2017 2:24 pm

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I bought used a TX-DS777 and it seems to be stuck in standby.
When connected to mains the red stand-by led lights but when pushing the stand-by button nothing happens.
It turned on some times only yesterday after a month or more standing disconnected apart.

Using the service manual (found in internet) I followed the main signals and so far I found these:
- the secondary supply that keeps the microcontroller and some other logics on seems to be ok
- the standby button makes the voltage level to toggle and it seems to arrive on the main board (wirings ok)
- on the mains relay nothing arrives when I push the standby button

According to the fact that I saw it turning on I believe that it is something related to a voltage sensing or similar.
Is there some kind of memory backup that can be reset?
It is also not possible to access the service menu.

Any suggestion is really appreciated!
Thank you!

Post Wed May 10, 2017 12:39 pm

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Hi Auzman,

you cannot make an factory reset on the receiver.
There you must send/bring it to an Onkyo Service Center, that the receiver can be checked by an technician.
You'll find an address list of Onkyo Authorized Service Center here: ... s-378.html

Please get in contact and make an appointment for the device to be checked.

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