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BD SP809 strange firmware V2.18.15M2

Post Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:54 am

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2 weeks ago i bougth a new BD SP809 player in the Netherlands.
After checking the firmware, i saw version: V2.18.15M2
For me very strange because on the onkyo site i can find only version V1.83.04
The version V2.18.15M2 is not showable on internet.
It's also not possible to put firmware V1.83.04 on my player. (Get error: Not possible)

Please can someone tell me the story about this firmware, or can deliver me this firmware?

Player function is correct working except the BD player can not be found in my network!!!
Thats the reason i have my doubt about this strange firmware.
Thinking now to bring it back to the shop if there is no solution.


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