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Loss of Audio/Network Connection Customer Care Program

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Hi Onkyo Support

Big thanks for the one time repair on the recall service as my amp has past it's warranty date...

The repair service was completed in 48 hours and works a Treat..

Chip has been replaced, but a bit surprised that measures to resolve heat issues were not in-place... However as the item is out of warranty a heat sink has been installed on the DTS Chip And a Second fan has been installed to cool down the HTMI board next too the original fan...

All though the original fan extracts warm air out of the unit the second fan draws air in over the HDMI board not to just cool the DTS Chip but also to cool the surface mount capacitors which also heat the HDMI Board..

Up to now the amp has been running very cool and hopefully the will prolong the working life for this excellent product...

Once again a big thank you for an excellent service...



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When Great and Heavenly Onkyo will deign to condescend to the insignificant buyers and will repair the spoilage chip?

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Onkyo, it also is your care?


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It seems all onkyo's staff became blind at once :lol:

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Whyyyy does it take forever to get the packaging from the repair center!!??
5days for like 1400km and still nothing.. Kind of frustrating as i'm working with logistics..

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Onkyo, you are still live?

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Dear Sirs,

Since a couple of weeks I am experiencing the “Loss of sound experienced on all channels” (the first few minutes after start up), the “Speaker indicator on display is not showing” (the first few minutes after start up), the “Speaker indicator on display is on” (minutes after start up) and the “Network settings in Setup Menu is grayed out (unselectable)” (the first few minutes after start up) on my Onkyo TX-NR828.
My receiver is unreachable from my computer (via IP and Nonkyo GUI) and my Samsung Note 3 Phone (android app: Onkyo remote My computer, Phone and Onkyo are on the same (wireless)network.

I cannot begin to describe how frustrating it is to have these problems with this (for me) very expensive Onkyo device.
If my family and I want to watch a movie, listen to the radio or want to watch TV trough the receiver we have to wait minutes before we can get any sound!
Imagine the frustration it gives to watch a movie/ TV without sound!

Looking for an answer to solve this big problem I find that Onkyo knows about these problems and even has a “Customer Care Program” for it.
Reading trough the website ( ... 18747.html ) I’m glad that my problem can be solved.
When I fill in my Serial number the website tells me:
This Serial/Unit does not need this update.

I do not understand that my receiver has all the mentioned problems (exactly the same!!) but is not eligible for the “Customer Care Program”.

I hope there is someone willing to help me out?!

My post on the ONKYO Facebook page ( ) gets ignored. They asked me for my serialnumber via PM. I immediately send it in text and with a picture. Then……………………….Silence.
It looks like i'm not the only one that gets the silence treatment on Facbook..............

I've tried to contact "ONKYO" through direct e-mail ( AND AND AND
), the online form ( ), through my re-seller in The Netherlands ( ) but I get NO RESPONDS (not even a receipt of confirmation!).

Whit kind regards,
Danny Spijkers

Onkyo TX-NR828
Date of purchase 05-12-2013

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Seven months without music. Seven months of the repulsive relation to the buyer.

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I am new to this forum. I own TXSR674 amp-receiver; purchased in 2007. This was working fine until few months back and suddenly stopped the Audio. As the receiver displays all functions properly but there is no audio coming out.

I am not sure if this topic is related this, however I am searching a solution if it can be fixed. Can someone help?

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Well I returned my receiver that had the HDMI audio problem to LetMeRepair, the unit came back - to be honest it looked like it was either untouched or packaged amazingly well just how I had done it lol, the page of a4 i stuck to the top was even there, but got back and it was working fine and i could confirm settings had been changed where they had tested optical and coaxial too. They did actually take care packaging it up again, so credit to them or that!

Few oddities I noticed: HDMI startup had never really shown for more than 2 seconds before now it was lasting more like 30 seconds BUT, audio all ok, can't complain.

a week later I have decided to run the Audessy Test using the included mic since settings were gone, test completed fine.
Unplugged mic, NO HDMI AUDIO!!!!


Checked all the settings to make sure it didn't change them, unplugged cables, turned on and off 4 different sources but the problem is back :(

Called Onkyo as their webpage says the system was repaired for this already and they have kindly arranged pickup on the same day, today. So I can't fault Onkyo and I don't think I can fault LetMeRepair.

For what its worth, I called them too to explain whats happened and they were polite and understanding and asked me to include the mic in the box so they can test it too after repairing since it did happen after the Audessy Test.

Can a 3.5mm mic plug somehow corrupt a HDMI board or chip?? I have no clue.

I am upset, but relieved Onkyo support is honest and upfront with these things.

Fingers crossed it works, I know the first thing ill do when its back it run the Audessy test to make sure to doesn't screw up things again lol.
You get all the cables set up so pretty and tidy and then you gotta rip them all out again :))))


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