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Loss of Audio/Network Connection Customer Care Program

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Hi Onkyo Users,

We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this situation may have caused.

As part of our commitment to quality and customer service we have determined that a limited number of Onkyo Brand receivers manufactured between 2009 and 2012 may experience loss of audio or loss of network connection. This malfunction has been traced back to a defective network chip. We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this situation may have caused. To address the problem and help people who may have an impacted receiver, Onkyo is launching a special Customer Care Program to remedy this issue for those receivers that are affected by this loss of audio/network connection. As part of this program our distributors in the region where you purchased your receiver will extend your standard limited warranty period to cover this issue through December 31, 2018 for affected receivers only, and only in the country of original purchase. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the original limited warranty shall continue to apply for the duration of the original standard limited warranty. If your receiver is experiencing a loss of audio or network connection, please contact Onkyo’s authorized distributor for your country. They will determine if your receiver qualifies for this program.

Please use this form to contact your authorized distributor.

Importantly, please note that the loss of audio/network connection issue will not result in harm to any connected components or speakers since the issue is contained to a single element within the affected receivers.

We thank you for your loyalty!

Onkyo again apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and will provide the repair of affected Receivers as expeditiously as possible.

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Does this apply to Europe?

My NR616 loses audio regularly, sometime just once or twice during an evening, sometimes several times an hour. It can be very irritating when trying to watch a tv programme where the dialog is important (i.e. most of them).

The announcement of the customer care program is a duplicate of what has been posted to the US site, and the link in the announcement is to a US website.

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Hi Garynl,

I have update the link above, sorry for the confusion.

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Hi Onkyo representatives!

I am the owner of the receiver Onkyo TX-NR509 and I currently live in Ukraine.

Recently my receiver‘s DSP board burned out. This is recognized by Onkyo as a defect, caused by fault of the manufacturer and, in accordance with a special Customer Care Program, in this case the impacted DSP board is subject to the free replacement up to December 31st, 2018. The serial number of the receiver is verified on this website, which confirms that my receiver really has a defect and the DSP board should be replaced by Onkyo free of charge.

Onkyo authorized dealer of products in Ukraine is
Music Hall Company
7, Druzhby Narodov Blv
UA - 01042 Kiev

However, the service representative of the dealer, which is located at

Kiev Novopechers'kiy provulok, 5

in response to my appeal January 26, 2015 stated that on the territory of Ukraine Onkyo’s programs are not valid and replacement of the defective DSP board can be made only for a fee equivalent to about 100 euros!

As a result, I am very dissapointed and outraged by the quality of service Onkyo provides to its Ukrainian customers. I would kindly ask you to explain how I can get the service of free replacement of the impacted DSP board, which is guaranteed by the Customer Care Program.

Also I would like to ask you to officially confirm or deny the absence of any free/warranty service of Onkyo on the territory of Ukraine in general. I am sure that this information will be of interest not only to me, but also to all owners and potential buyers of the Onkyo products in our country.


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Hı im have onkyo Tx-nr 609 and My onkyo is dead :( Loss of Audio network Problem im Send mail us eu servis can help Mé
what s your biling was your Model :shock:
The answer does not answer I'm waiting for you with the service for a month Turkey do not have the service you Look whom youserve the powers conferred .Woeto the ones dealing Did not I call you onkyo Tuesday

Seit ein Monate warte ich Auf eine antword
mein onkyo is tod ich habe kein sound und netz verbidung wie bei Die anderen kunden kann mein onkyo in der Turkei repairt Werden war Die frage und was wurde so was Kosten. Komm en haufen fragenHome Address: xxxx İstanbul Türkiye

Cell Phone Number> 90xxxx

Serial Number from Rear Panel/Model Number> 11SERIAL 3342MP51326xxxxxx / TX-NR609

Bill of Sale> FORUMAUDİO İSTANBUL TURKEİ / 02-10-2011

Description of ProblemLoss of Audio/Network

Beantworte ich danach kriege ich keine antwort mehr
in der Turkei gibts kein servis der dispiritor gibt eine anderen Number 0212 bring dein onkyo vorbei nach Die reparatur Krigst du eine rechnung. Also mein onkyo kann in mull was ein fehler noch von onkyo ist


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Onkyo shows obvious disregard for its customers. i cannot get answer for weeks! both email and forum messages.
i think this program should be renamed to Customer Careless Program )

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Hi saz,

in general, our distributor in Ukraine is also responsible for Customer Care Program if the unit was purchased in Ukraine. If not you will need to contact the distributor in the country in which you originally purchased the receiver.
Kind regards
Customer Care

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thanks for your answer!
Could you, please, explain me which could be the best way to communicate your official position to the Ukrainian distributor and persuade them to take care of this, because so far their opinion on this matter is different. My receiver was bought in Ukraine, however they refused me in free service.

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Sehr geehrter Herr Fischer,

es tut uns leid aber leider obliegt es hier dem Ditributor ob er noch Geld von ihnen fordert oder nicht da der Distributor für ihr Land zuständig ist.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Sincere Regards
Customer Care
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