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Where can I find the serial number of my receiver?
You will find the serial number on the back of your receiver.

How long does a repair take?
The repair will take about 6 to 10 business days to complete once the receiver has been received by our service center.

Get I a notification if the receiver has been repaired?
For organizational reasons we can not send a notification when the unit was repaired.

Can I repair my receiver in a service workshop in my area?
You can contact one of our service partners and leave the receiver there if you have not yet registered on our site and have a shipping label and / or box requested. You can find an address list of Service Center here: ... s-378.html

My receiver does not show any error can I still participate in the program?
Since it costs us the time of diagnosis, we ask you not to participate in the process. Our program is valid until the end of the 2018th

I signed up for repair but would like to switch to Trade in.
As long as you have not sent in the receiver, we can change your status. Please contact our customer service:

Do I have warranty on the repair?
We grant a warranty of 6 months to the repair.

My receiver was already repaired because of this issue and now shows the same symptoms again.
If the receiver has not yet been repaired through the Customer Care Program, you can register as normal through the website. If your receiver is already repaired as part of the Customer Care Program, please contact Customer Support:

What should I do if I discover a defect or damage after the repair?
Contact in any case, our customer service first:

My receiver has no serial number
Unfortunately you can not participate in the program if the serial number has been removed on your receiver.

Je vis dans les DOM-TOM
Pour les DOM-TOM, veuillez nous contacter au 01 84 88 47 12.

I can’t select USA as my country
Please refer to this page:
Kind regards
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