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Compare sound quality of receivers

Post Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:43 pm

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I am a new user of a TX-8130 and like its sound quality.
Looking at the sound specifications of the TX-8130, 8150 and the new TX-8270 they seem very similar.
How would you position these three products soundwise?
Do the TX-8150 and TX-8270 only have different Watts or do they also deliver a better sound quality compared to the TX-8130?
P.S. I just read a very favorable review in a hi-fi magazine of the TX-L20D could you include this product into the positioning?
Thank you a lot in advance.
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Post Thu May 11, 2017 1:07 pm

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Hi al_kempter,

the difference between the TX-8130 and TX-8150 are 25 Watts, and i think this difference you didnt hear.
Between the TX-8130 and the new TX-8270 are 50 watts. There i would say, that you will hear a difference about these two models.
We have the TX-8270 not here to make an test between it and the TX-8130.

Of course it is also dependent on the speakers again. These make synonymous the sound too. And thats really objectiv.

The TX-L20 is with 85 watts, the lowest from these modells.

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