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TX-NR656 switching problem

Post Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:06 pm

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I purchased this item on the 17/3/17
I have the CEC switched on on the reciever and on my TV so when I turn of the TV both switch off.
When I turn on the TV the reciever also switches on, that's what I wanted but after a minute the reciever switches channel so I lose sound and picture.
Can someone help with this problem.

Post Thu May 11, 2017 1:11 pm

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Hi Beany03,

is it an Samsung TV??

Sometimes this workaround could help affected customers:

1. Switch Off the CEC / ARC function in the TV
2. Turn Off the HDMI CEC in AV Receiver
3. Disconnect the devices from the power
4. Unplug HDMI cable (Unplug all HDMI devices from TV and the receiver)
5. Plug the TV and plug in HDMI cable only between TV and receiver
6. Switch On TV and enable CEC/ARC and switch to television mode.
7. Plug in and switch On the AV Receiver
8. Open the Setup menu and navigate to HDMI CEC and switch it on (use the receiver display, keep the TV in television mode)
9. Once you switch on HDMI CEC leave the menu with the Return button

The display shows now something like "searching..." and "TV" if the TV is recognized. If so HDMI ARC will work again. You can now try to connect the other HDMI sources. But please keep in mind, if there is a non CEC conform source in the HDMI chain the problem might pop up again. Even so-called Silent updates as they perform some TV at night can make for a failure of the connection.
In individual cases it may be that the ARC does not work or only with limitations. In this case, the first step is to upgrade the firmware of the receiver (via the website of the product and ensure that the TV is also up to date. If ARC is still not working as desired, connect a digital cable for audio transmission. This is the best possible and most stable sound transmission in each case.
Kind regards
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Post Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:13 am

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The commotion from a switching supply with that sort of range is not attractive in audio electronics; it makes excessive speak softly help with assignment in the system. The value you stipulate implies no toroidal transformer for the supply. Which is required for the switching commotion from the strong state trans-circle, just shoddy models that are single run delivered will work for you.

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